GitHub Examples

All documentation and examples can be found in the public organization…

There many examples in all three FRC languages available at…

Contact information

CTR Staff can be reached out with the contact information available at…

The best method for contacting support is via our email ( This allows for simple sharing of screenshots and supplemental file attachments.

If seeking help troubleshooting hardware issues, please answer the questions under “Warranty” inside the “Support Request form”.

To resolve your issue in an expedient fashion, we need the following:

  • What behavior are you seeing versus what are you expecting to observe?

  • What procedure are you following to reproduce the issue?

  • If using the roboRIO, we need a screenshot of the Phoenix Tuner to confirm firmware version, gain values, etc.

  • If using the roboRIO, we need a screenshot of a Self-test Snapshot taken during the undesired behavior.

  • Part numbers of all devices involved. For example, if using a sensor, what is the sensor part number?

  • Firmware versions of all devices involved.

  • If using motor controllers, are they on CAN bus or PWM?

  • If using Phoenix, screenshot of the About form in Phoenix Tuner / Phoenix LifeBoat.