Bring Up: CANdle

For wiring see the CANdle Hardware User Manual on the product page:

By default CANdle is configured to use GRB addressable LED strips. Use Phoenix Tuner to change the LED Strip Type config to match the physical LED strip being used.


CANdle’s latest features require using this development build of Phoenix (via the online install method) along with latest CANdle firmware (

The development release is a small feature-improvement release based on the latest public full release - while it hasn’t gone through the entire rigorous test process for a full release the specific changes are minor and well-tested so it’s safe to use on your robot.

The dev release enables use of the multi-animation CANdle features without waiting for the next full release.


CANdle’s API calls can be found here: C++ | Java


There is a basic example for using CAndle here: C++ | Java

An advanced example using multiple animations can be found here: Java